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I awoke with, a hood of some sort over my eyes, my arms stretched taunt to either side and my legs secured to something rigid that kept me from closing them. I was secured in an upright position and I could feel I was quite naked, exposed, defenseless and very fearful. I had no idea who was in the room nor how many, I could only make out the scuff of feet and whispered male voices now and then.

My head throbbed and for some reason the drink the guy in the bar had given me stuck in my mind, he had been so engaging and witty, however walking out of the bar with him to get some fresh air when my head began to swim was the last thing I remembered. I had stopped in a non-cop bar for a drink and maybe some male company who weren’t cops. My unit had just come off an undercover drug bust and I craved company that weren’t cops. I never been in the bar before so no one knew I was a cop and soon I’d met a man called Nick.

“Hello? Anyone there? Nick?” I ventured in a questioning voice, “Is that you? Hey you better know I’m a cop and you’re all in trouble for this! Now the funs over! Release me and I’ll forget all about it!” Silence for a moment, no one answered and I twisted my wrists trying to loosen the bindings that held me, “HELLO DID YOU HEAR ME?” I cried again a lot louder this time.

“Gag that mouth,” a forceful voice ordered and I heard rustling and someone move close to me shoving something round and hard into my mouth and tying it at the back of my head. Now I could not speak nor could I see, but I could still hear and my body tensed as a voice whispered in my ear.

“Yes Jamie we know you’re a cop. We also know you just finished working undercover and making a drug bust. In fact that why our employers had us trail you tonight. You stopping in the bar was a gift we could not eschew. Our employers were of two minds. Some just wanted to off you and take the flack for killing a cop. Others wanted to obtain a ‘hold’ on you that would curtail your further activities concerning their operations and they won the day!”

The voice was cultured and smooth with the natural ability of a self confident male storyteller thrown in. He was telling me that the mob/cartel/gangsters what ever you want to call them had ambushed me. It was a chilling thought that I could just as easily been dead instead of kidnapped. I wondered if they were going to torture men and my stomach clenched at that thought.

While I was reflecting upon my fate the cultured voice was still speaking. “Jamie Drake, age 29, eyes blue, hair black, height 5’ 9”, weight 142, measurements 35-23-35. A police officer since the age of 21 and for the last two years a undercover sergeant in the drug enforcement taskforce. Married at 20 divorced at 23, no current male or female lover. Lives alone in a small apartment in the Soho District with only a cat for company.”

I listened as the man spoke and was astonished at the details he possessed about me. Someone had gone to a lot of trouble to gain all the Intel they could about me anal raped drunk girl. It bespoke of preparation, planning, and organization, I was not in the hands of rank amateurs.

The man finished his report on my personal life with a comment. “You are surely speculating on what I meant by a ‘hold’. You’re an intelligent woman so you may have deducted that since you’re naked and bound this ‘hold’ will be sexual in nature. If you have indeed reached this conclusion, you are quite correct. You will not be permanently scarred or maimed. However suffice it to say some of what you will endure will quite painful and humiliating.”

As the voice finished speaking soft tendrils were stroked across my breasts and abdomen, the touch was sensual and my nipples responded by tightening instantly. I couldn’t answer, but I shook my head and struggled against my bonds, a sudden stinging lash across my breasts made my pussy tighten and I moaned from behind the gag.

“A word of warning Jamie, you are our plaything for tonight, what ever we wish to do to you we will do in order to carry out the task set forth by our employers. You responses to your upcoming ordeal will set the tone for how far we carry this.” I moaned again and stopped struggling, my chest heaving as I tried to catch my breath.

Hands began running over my body, touching me, squeezing me, and poking me everywhere. Fingers groped inside the lips of my suddenly slippery pussy, beginning to rub at the hardened point of my clitoris, two fingers slid inside me fingering me deeply another pushed into my ass making me wriggle in silent protest. The fingers in my sex pushed deep until they found my latex covered cervix. When working undercover you never knew when you might be forced to have sex to maintain your cover. It has never happened to me, but I was always prepared for that eventuality.

A voice commented, “She has a diaphragm inside her. Do you want it left in or take it out?

The cultured voice replied, “Out! The possibility of impregnation will add to the humiliation and even if it doesn’t happen she will always know that strangers sperm has been inside her womb.”

I struggled again forgetting the earlier warning I’d been given as two fingers hooked the rim of my diaphragm and pulled it from my vagina with a squelching noise. The cultured voice commented, “You were told not to struggle, that is going to cost you a bit more pain in the conclusion of this operation.”

I was counting in my head, 12 days since my last period, although I’d never been what you call regular. I was going to be raped I knew not how many times and filled with strangers semen. I felt belly quivered with the horror of possible impregnation.

Then a hot mouth closed over one of my breasts, then another mouth started suckling the other, and two pairs of hands were rubbing me constantly between my legs from the front and from behind with some sort of slippery lubricant. Both my pussy and asshole were liberally coated with the lubricant.

I moaned again and the mouths were removed suddenly and then replaced, but not with mouths! I shrieked through the gag when I felt what had to be icicle dildos female rape xxx. The icy dildos tormented my nipples, navel, and underarms. Ice was applied between my legs also and rubbed against my clitoris. My whole body tensed and struggled, but it was no use, I felt a dildo of ice slide up into the entrance to my cunt then get pulled back out, the sensation was numbing. I wondered if they would be cruel enough to force a ice cold dildo fully inside my sex tube. The answer to that was quickly forthcoming.

The ice in my cunt was pushed in again a little further this time and the dildo shaped ice spread me right open inside. It was very thick and opened me up more than any man ever had. My hips shuddered and squirmed as the icy dildo was fucking me deeply now, in and out stretching me and chilling my inner sexual organs. The cold should have numbed me inside, instead I felt my entrails heat up and stir inside me. It had been months since a man or anything for that matter had been inside my body. Mortification overwhelmed me as I realized I was becoming extremely turned on.

I was moaning continuously now and a whisper close made me go silent for a moment. “You ready for some heat now?” The icy dildo was removed and I felt something hot and hard pressed against the icy cold lips of my pussy. Before I had time to realize it was a human cock it was thrust deeply inside me, I cried out as it stretched me wider than the dildo had, the intense difference in temperature making my hips squirm and thrust as far as they could towards the heat of him. I wanted it so bad by now my whole body quivered with lustful anticipation, I couldn’t speak so I just moaned through the gag.

There was some kind of heat lubricant on his cock as he pumped it in and out of me. I could feel the menthol like warmth spreading up my insides. My nipples were being pinched tight by something hard and cold (Most likely nipple clamps) then they were pulled tightly from my body. The pleasure/pain combination was excruciating, my pussy started throbbing, all the while the thick hot cock inside me hammered mercilessly in and out of my wide spread hole.

I bit down on the gag as I climaxed, my body twitching as my cunt gripped the cock inside. Something small was slipped up my ass as I came, I guessed it to be a finger with lubrication, and then another hot cock was inserted. The man pushing his cock into my ass from behind nudged it firmly further and further inside me, I moaned and twisted my hips against the man fucking my cunt from the front. Pain flared in my rectum at the man bulled his way inside me. I had been and anal virgin and I was very tight back there.

My nipples were jerked tight again and my attackers seesawed themselves into my throbbing nether holes as I just stood there stretched open and wide for them. My loud nasal gasps for breath filled the room while I shuddered with the unbelievable sensations they were inflicting upon me. Their grunts and groans of pleasure coming from either side, while they had their way with me and my moans became lost in the fury of their fucking asian beauty rape. The men inside me fore and aft groaned as their cocks swelled inside me. I could visualize ropes of white sticky semen racing into the depths of my inner sex and rectum.

“OK next!” I heard a voice said and the man behind me pulled out of my ass, my cunt was also vacated, but both holes were accordingly filled again as new men replaced the first two and continued fucking my tortured body. The pair began moving faster inside me, fucking me with what seemed to be an urgent need for release, I groaned and the nipple clamps were pulled tight again causing my pussy to clamp down on the cock inside and my ass to squeeze painfully against the shaft plunging into it.

Both men gasped and I felt something against my clitoris, it was small and cold, but it buzzed ferociously, sending thrills of unbelievable pleasure tingling up through my pussy. I groaned and the buzzing increased, the cocks continuing their plunging action and my pussy began to contract in tiny waves of excitement heading towards another orgasmic release. My head rolled back while I shuddered with a violent orgasm, my abdomen exploding inside with gut wrenching contractions. I could feel the hot release of sexual fluids from deep inside my cunt, so intense that even my anal passage tightened around its trespasser.

“Fuck!” Was all I heard as the man behind me thrust his cock all the way up my ass making me cry out again at the thickness of him, the hot discharge of his sperm unmistakable deep inside my intestines. The man fucking my cunt, pistoned himself in and out of me with hurried thrusts stretching and pushing against the cock in my ass, driving deep he slammed himself against me, then his cock also pumped a generous load of sperm up into my womb. I was sandwiched between my captors, their panting bodies hot and sweaty against me and then suddenly they withdrew, leaving me wide open with slippery hot fluids running down the insides of my thighs. I tried to catch my breath through my nostrils, listening curiously to the sounds in the room around me. The shuffling and whispering had begun again, one seemed more insistent than the other.

Then what I guessed was a third pair of cocks were thrust into my recently vacated holes. These men seemed to be even larger in the cock dept than the first two pairs. I groaned into the gag as my lower belly was again packed with male beef. These two rapists took their time as if they had choreographed their act. When the one in my cunt was womb deep inside me the one in my ass was nearly pulled out of me and then it all reversed. Another orgasm began to build inside me and I let it take full control. I was long past false modesty and being a cop. I was then just a hot lusty woman getting the fucking of her life. I was nearly comatose from orgasms before the third pair of men hosed my insides with their DNA.

The cultured voice was speaking again. “Jamie you have been a fine piece off ass. If all female cops are like you it’s a wonder the male cops have the strength to enforce the laws. However you did struggle at the start despite the warnings. This next part is going to hurt, but look upon what is about to happen as a gift need wife rape. After all both of these nipple rings are 18 karat gold and quite expensive.”

My befuddled brain struggled to understand what he had said. “Nipple rings!” Then sharp pain lanced into both of my nipples at the same time. They had pierced my nipples with gold rings and it did hurt like hell.

A last the gag was removed and I stretched my jaw thankfully, “Drink,” a voice commanded, I felt a cup pressed to my lips and sucked thirstily at the sugary liquid offered. That was the last thing I remembered before waking up in my car out in the sticks some place.

I was propped up behind the wheel, my head resting against the headrest, I was fully clothed, and my bag was hanging over my shoulder. My head was swimming as I shakily got my bearings.

Had I imagined it? Had I passed out and imagined the whole thing, my fingertips gently touched my nipples they were painfully sensitive as I felt the hardness of rings in them. I could feel the soaking wetness in my panties and I knew it had all really happened, I had been drugged tied up and raped in the most astonishing circumstances. My pussy and asshole were sore and I could feel fluids leaking out of me. It was real I had been kidnapped and repeatedly raped and my nipples pierced.

My blinking eyes then spied a manila envelope on the car seat beside me. With trembling fingers I opened the envelope. Inside were 24 full color photos of me naked and taking on six men at once. The photos must have been shot while I was out because I wasn’t wearing a hood and my face was clearly visible. The photos were skillfully done as none of the men’s faces showed and it looked as though I were awake.

There was also a DVD disc inside the envelope with a type written not attached. “Jamie here is the ‘hold’. I have copies of the photos and the DVD. You will ask for reassignment from the drug taskforce. Cite stress and so on and your superiors will have to reassign you. If you fail to do so the photos and DVD will be posted on every free sex site on the Internet. Your career will be over for good and all after that. If you do as you are told you’ll never hear from us again. Take care Jamie, you’re a wonderful piece of ass.”

I did precisely as the note instructed vocation rape. My superiors were understanding and I actually got a promotion out of it all. I did not get pregnant thank the Lord, however it was sweating time until my period started.

I’ve gone back to that bar where I met Nick several times and no one knows who I’m talking about. I’m still a cop, but I’m spending more time trolling bars now. You never know when you’ll get lucky. (Oh and I watch that DVD all the time while I close my eyes masturbate and play with rings in my nipples)

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